About Our Grind Sizes

Shopping for coffee can get confusing real quick. There are so many different brewing techniques, which means there are so many different grind sizes to choose from. We want you to love every sip, and that starts with buying the right grind. We’ve kept it easy for you! Take a look at the descriptions below, then head over to our online shop.

Bold Bean Whole Bean Coffee.png

Whole Bean

Buying whole bean coffee is the best way to enjoy fresh roasted coffee. Grind just before brewing to preserve all of the volatile flavor and aroma compounds found in your coffee.

French Press

A coarse coffee grind with a texture like sea salt. The full-immersion extraction and metal filter used in french press brewing require a coarse grind for proper extraction.

Bold Bean French Press Coffee Grind.png
Bold Bean Auto Drip / Chemex Coffee Grind.png

Auto Drip / Chemex

A medium grind is used for these brewing methods. The shorter contact time of water and coffee with drip brewing compared to full-immersion brewing requires a slightly finer grind. *this is the "standard" grind size you will typically find is used for pre-ground packaged coffee. This grind size is sufficient for the widest range of brewing styles.

Pour Over

A medium-fine grind is used for pour over brewing. This is due to the generally shorter brew times used with pour over coffee brewers. In general, the longer the brew time, the coarser the grind for proper extraction.

Bold Bean Pour Over Coffee Grind.png
Bold Bean Aeropress Coffee Grind.png


A fine grind is used for Aeropress brewing. The short brew time, typically 1-2 minutes depending on method, and the slight pressure applied to the coffee with this method make for a perfect extraction when paired with this grind size.


Our finest grid size offering. The brew time with espresso is regulated by the size of the grind.  Generally you want extraction times of 30-35 seconds for properly brewed espresso. We have set this grind to result in proper extraction when brewed using an espresso machine.

Bold Bean Espresso Coffee Grind.png