The Method:

One of the greatest accomplishments of the AeroPress is it's willingness to travel. The compactness of the method and the solid components make this brew method a choice for us as we travel to origin, not always able to bring along the Slayer Espresso machine.

We aren't going to tell you that you need an AeroPress to achieve this brew method, but we will let you know it's going to be pretty hard to accomplish this method without one. If you don't have an AeroPress, find one here.

Aeropress Step 1
Aeropress Step 1

Step 1: Rinse Filter

Place filter into filter holder and carefully rinse with hot water. Set aside for later.

Step 2: Weigh Coffee

Weigh out 15 grams of Bold Bean Coffee.

Aeropress Step 2
Aeropress Step 3

Step 3: Grind Coffee

Grind 15 grams (two tablespoons) of coffee to a medium fine grind (slightly finer than a grind for an automatic drip).

We reccommend using a burr grinder as this type of grinder gives a more consistent grind, giving a better overall cup. Find a burr grinder here.

Step 4: Distribute Coffee

Pour in the coffee so as to evenly distribute the grounds in the chamber.

Aeropress Step 5

Step 5:  Start the Bloom

Heat 200 mL (190 grams/6.75 ounces) of filtered water to boil. Let sit for 30 seconds or until it reaches 200 degrees. Pour water onto grounds. Start timer for 45 seconds. Continue to Step 6 during this 45 seconds.

Step 6: Stir Coffee

Carefully stir five or six times, making sure all coffee is saturated.

Aeropress Step 7

Step 7: Prepare Aeropress

Take the filter holder we set aside earlier and screw filter holder onto the top of the brewing chamber

Step 8: Brew

Give the brew a quick swirl in the Chemex, mixing the all components of the method. Serve and enjoy!

Aeropress Step 8
Aeropress Step 9

Step 9: Enjoy

Once the plunger is completely pressed, remove AeroPress from top of mug. Enjoy!