The Method:

Parties come in numbers, and a Chemex will supply for a party for two.  If you're really all about parties, you could yourself enjoy both cups.

We aren't going to tell you that you need a Chemex to achieve this brew method, but we will let you know it's going to be pretty hard to accomplish this method without one. If you don't have a Chemex, find one here.

40 grams of coffee in 600 grams of water
4 minute total brew time

Step 1: Rinse Filter

Open filter into a cone and place into brewer.  Rinse the filter with hot water. Discard water.

Step 2: Weigh Coffee

Measure out 40 grams of coffee.

Step 3: Grind Coffee

Grind the coffee at around a 20 on a Baratza Encore grinder.

Normal english => Medium grind.

We reccommend using a burr grinder as this type of grinder gives a more consistent grind, giving a better overall cup. Find a burr grinder here.

Step 4: Distribute Coffee

Add grounds to the Chemex and shake ever so slightly to evenly distribute the grounds in the brewer, creating a flat bed of coffee.

Step 5:  Start the Bloom

Pour about 90 grams of hot water (temperature between 200-210) onto the coffee bed so as to fully saturate the grounds. The key here is to not have water draining from the filter, but your first drops of brewed coffee. Let "bloom" for 30 seconds. Normal English => stand there, watch, and smell the coffee for a glorious 30 seconds.

Step 6: Begin Brew

After those 30 seconds, begin pouring slowly in the middle of the "bloom" until the bloom appears to break. Continue on quickly to step 7.

Step 7: Continue Brew

Continue slowly pouring but moving your kettle in a clockwise motion toward the edge of the filter. IMPORTANT: Don't allow your water to pour directly onto the filter at this point as that water could bypass the grounds completely and just end up in your mug/carafe, minimally brewing the coffee (not what you want). 

Continue pouring until you have reached 600 grams of water. Check your time and if you finished pouring those 600 grams before 2 min 30 sec, work on slowing your pour down further. 

At this point, it's the staring and smelling game again. Watch your time and you want the brew to finish dripping around 4 minutes. If it was faster or slower, taste first, then adjust variables such as grind size and pour speed.

Step 8: Serve

Give the brew a quick swirl in the Chemex, mixing the all components of the method. Serve and enjoy!