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Colombia - El Crucero

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  • Colombia - El Crucero
  • Colombia - El Crucero
  • Colombia - El Crucero
  • Colombia - El Crucero
  • Colombia - El Crucero
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$16.00 - $80.00




FLAVOR NOTES : Pink Starburst, Black Tea, Dried Apricot
PRODUCER : Ana Mustafá
REGION: Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia
PROCESS : Fed-Batch Washed
VARIETAL : Castillo

Back in the Fall, some of you attended a public cupping that we hosted with our friend and producing partner, Herbert, who founded the LaREB collective in Colombia.
We cupped about 10-15 varietals from various producers from LaREB and then voted on our favorite. With that said, we are extremely proud to finally be releasing the Crucero from Ana! This coffee is a above and beyond what people expected from a Colombian coffee and won both the majority vote, and the hearts, of those in attendance.
We love working with Ana in part because of her progressive spirit when it comes to processing and also her exceptional attention to detail. Just last year, we started sourcing and purchasing our decaf specifically from her because its the best we've ever had, full stop.
Her other offerings have yet to disappoint. 

For Ana and her operations, the goal is to continue making improvements in growing practices while focusing largely on experimental processing methods.
This goal to focus on processing is highly progressive and could be pivotal to the advancement of specialty coffee coming out of Colombia. 
For specialty to continue taking a bigger piece of the comodity coffee market share, there must be profitabilty. Without profitabilty, there is no sustainabilty for Ana, Herbert or any other specialty coffee producer. 
If you're doing something to change your ways and those changes are not profitable in themselves, they simply are not going to last. That being said, Ana is changing everything at the farms. By "everything," we mean all of what they do:
- The way pickers pick
- The way they manage people
- Varietals
- Adding more shade
- Working on the health of the soil
- Processing

All of these are made possible with the deeper budget selling specialty gives them.
Furthermore, Ana is working to improve the lives of other producers in her region by teaching them how to grow and process exceptional coffees and showing them how to make their business profitable on their own. Once they achieve quality, their coffees are moved through LaREB.

A little background/refresher on LaREB...this is a broader umbrella in which Herbert and the 575 Cafe project can progress. Herbert originally started the 575 Cafe project with his more immediate neighboring producers. "575" denotes the latitude and longitude coordinates of Herbert's farm (5 and -75).

LaREB is a collective of coffee producers, investigators and coffee professionals in Colombia who have formed a platform to improve and facilitate the access of producers to discriminating markets. Bold Bean serves as the sole North American importing partner of this organization.

The work of the collective is centered in interdisciplinary coffee studies, investigation, teamwork and above all - maintaining a strong presence in Colombia. LaREB looks to restore and reproduce the traditional varieties of coffee and the agroforestry models that resisted the homogeny of the Green Revolution.  The goal is to redesign coffee production in the collective’s regional projects with a focus on quality.  Through specialized farms, which serve as experimental centers of learning and dissemination of post-harvest practices and processes, the collective seeks to expand the boundaries of what specialty coffee can be.

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