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$5.00 - $50.00




Everyone is aware of the tough spot the service and food & beverage industries are in right now.  We are doing everything we possibly can to ensure our employees and our business make it through this mess.  But as a small, family-owned business these times hit extra hard and there are unfortunately limitations on what we can do. 

To prepare we have cut all but the most necessary spending, put a halt on salary for ownership, discussed deferral on payments with vendors and landlords, researched our relief and bridge loan options, started developing a supplemental wage and benefits continuation plan for our nearly 50 employees in the case of temporary mandated closure, and changed our business model drastically, numerous times to keep up with the ever-changing situation.     

The good thing is this situation has taught us to respond better to adversity and we have already learned so many lessons on how to better run our business during the “normal” times.  We are excited by the prospect, when we all come out on top of this, of increased unity among those within our business and with the communities that surround our shops.

After requests from many customers who we have come to know and care for as a family we have decided to create an option for donations to go directly to our staff.  Asking for a donation feels so strange as we typically believe hard work cures all and we already owe everything to those who support us.  But, if you’re so inclined, we will be forever grateful as any little bit will help our crew through these times.

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