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El Salvador - Malacara B

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Flavor Notes: Red Apple, Lemon Blossom, Peach Pie

Producer: Dumont Family

Region: Montañita, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude: 1,525 masl

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed

Great Salvadoran coffees are known mostly for their superb balance and drinkability. This
selection of Red Bourbon from Finca Malacara B is a balanced coffee with crisp apple-like
acidity and citrusy florals, rounded out by the comforting warmth of peach pie.

The Dumonts grow red, yellow, orange and pink Bourbon on their farm, Malacara B, that is
located around 5,000 feet above sea level. The farm is very organized, well-maintained and
farmed using sustainable practices. During our visit we spent a good part of the afternoon
walking the land, checking on the shrubs, admiring the views and sampling coffee cherries
before heading off to the opposite side of the farm where the farm house and varietal garden is

There are over 50 varietals of coffee growing in the Dumont's coffee garden. The garden is an
interesting project that allows the Dumonts to see which varietals may be well suited to their
land. They process enough of this coffee every year to roast and cup sample batches. Some of
the varietals from the garden have produced very positive results and are now being planted on
their farm. It's so exciting as a roaster and consumer of great coffees to see this type of
experimentation at origin.

Malacara B is a lushly forested farm on the side of the Santa Ana volcano. The property was
once part of a larger farm called Medellin. Samuel Alvarez Lalinde maintained the farm most
recently, until 1995 when he passed it down to his children and it was divided into Malacara A,
B and C.

The Dumonts are focused on quality and are intent on continuously progressing. With that said,
this year's lot of Malacara B Red Bourbon is the first year we've been able to offer a AAA grade.
This coffee has always been stellar, but in previous years, we've only been able to experience
and offer A grade. The AAA grade denotes that this lot has been sorted down to reflect ZERO
defects. We are very proud to be presenting this coffee from our friends, for our friends.

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