Kenya - Githiga AA

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Taste like: Plum, White Peach, Sugar Cane

Producer: Small holder farmers 

Region:  Kangema, Murang’a County, Kenya

Altitude: 1570 MASL

Varietal: SL28 & Ruiru

Process: Fully Washed

We are happy to announce that the Githiga is the first of many fresh crop Kenyans that we’ll be unveiling over the next year!

To give a little background, this vibrant coffee was processed at the Githiga Wet Mill in the settlement of Kangema.

Githiga is one of two wet mills led by the Kanyenyaini Farmers Cooperative Society in Murang'a County. The Kanyenyaini FCS has been established and operating since 1953.

Like many, if not all, Kenyan coffees- the Githiga is washed twice. After under ripe and over ripe cherries are sorted out from the red ripe cherries, the red ripe cherries are processed through wet processing that utilizes clean water from the Githiga stream. It is then carefully fermented and washed a second time before being sun dried and sent to the dry mill.

We taste notes of plum, white peach and sugar cane in this beautiful representation of Kenyan coffee.
At Bold Bean, we are in absolute love with Kenyan coffees and the Githiga AA is no exception.

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