Our Company

The Bold Bean story started over 10 years ago,  just as a hobby in a garage. Bold Bean has become a way for us to deeper develop relationships with not only our friends in our city, but also with our producing partners in the countries where we source coffee.

We stand by our mission statement:

Zack Burnett

Zack Burnett, Managing Partner/Green Coffee Buyer

Zack is involved in all areas of our company. He manages the vision and direction of the company, oversees quality of all of our products from the green coffee all the way to the finished products. Zack also plays a role in ensuring the guest experience in our retail shops is consistent and exceptional. As Bold Bean’s green coffee buyer, Zack has a job that takes him around the world sourcing our coffees. In 2010, Zack started conceptualizing the Bold Bean retail and service model, leading up to the opening of our first café on Stockton Street in Riverside, in December of 2011. He has been working with Bold Bean for over a decade now.


Adam Burnett

Adam Burnett, Knead Bakeshop Operations Manager and Partner

If you have been to one of our shops, you more than likely have had the chance to snag one of our pastries paired with our coffee. As the bakery operations manger, Adam Burnett is the person behind all the food at Bold Bean, developing recipes, overseeing production, and directing the vision of Knead Bakeshop.


Lindsay Burnett, Business and Accounting Manager and Partner

When questioned about her daily roles for Bold Bean, "Business, financials, human relations and everything else in-between…literally everything else." When Lindsay isn't crunching numbers, she says she most enjoys her family, "Family is number one in my book, that's why Bold Bean fits perfectly into my life. Bold Bean started with family, is run by the family and all of our employees treat each other as if we are family."


Jay Burnett

Jay Burnett, Founding Partner (Retired)

Founding Partner, Jay Burnett, launched Bold Bean Coffee Roasters in 2007 as a follow-up to a nearly 30-yearcareer as an award winning journalist and magazine editor. "Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the coffee," says Bold Bean's founder, when discussing his decision to walk away from publishing to write a new chapter in life. These days Burnett prefers staying in the background and as he puts it, "out of the way." Our team has created something special here," he says. "I just want to see how far they can take it."

Erin Lee

Erin Lee, Wholesale Account Manager

Since opening the doors of our first retail shop in 2011, Erin has played a key role in helping to shape the culture and identity of the Bold Bean brand. Both she and the company place a strong emphasis on cultivating lasting relationships built on trust and authenticity. Erin led the team at Riverside for five years and fell completely in love with taking care of both her coworkers and customers, alike. She cared deeply about helping to create and maintain a warm and inspiring place where all people who entered felt included and embraced. Her inner urge to nurture was satisfied so well in that environment, that she had never considered what was beyond the Riverside shop's threshold.

Erin has never seen herself as a salesperson, which is why she had never considered Wholesale Management until the opportunity with Bold Bean arose.

It is for this company alone that Erin feels best suited for the role. For her, this is about being in the position to take care. For her, this is a natural progression that allows her to share with the world, not only the values of our company, but also remaining confident that we are providing the highest quality coffee available

Chris Rucker

Chris Rucker, Head Roaster

Coffee roasting plays an important role in our company. For many of us at Bold Bean, most things start as a hobby. The same goes for Chris. He says, "I started working with coffee, just as a hobby, roasting at my house." Chris worked his way up from a Bold Bean customer to now managing our entire roasting operation. "My job is to make sure everything that comes out of the roaster tastes excellent," Chris Rucker says. "The farmers give us quality green coffees to work with. It's my job to make sure I pass along quality roasted coffee to the baristas and wholesale accounts to serve our customers."


Jamie Rice, Director of Training and Education

Quality control is something strongly valued at Bold Bean. We train each new barista to our highest standard and throughout the year, all of our baristas are refreshed on different aspects of the daily operations in our shops. Jamie Rice serves as our Director of Training and Education and has been a part of Bold Bean since 2013. Having managed our beach location for it's first five years, Jamie regards connecting with individuals and the greater community through the catalyst of coffee as being her personal pleasure since 2005.  


Shop Managers

Angela Sitzler

Angela Sitzler, Riverside Location

This company has inspired me to reach beyond just the day to day and really grab hold of the culture that comes with the craft. I get to interact with the truly amazing people in our neighborhood every single day, and I get inspired by the creative people I work with on a daily basis as well. The Riverside shop is like a second home to me, and I know many of our regulars would say the same. Bold Bean puts so much care and passion into every cup, and I love getting to share the highest quality coffee this town has to offer with the people I care about.


John Boback, Beach Location

I’ve always been an avid drinker of coffee and Bold Bean’s coffee struck me as excellent at first sip. I moved up to Jacksonville to finish my degree in Nutrition and was hired at our original Riverside location. I’ve relished soaking up the culture and community that surrounds coffee for over five years and am thrilled to manage the beach location and be a part of the Beaches community!



Melisa Brush, San Marco Location

I was introduced to specialty coffee in 2009 while living in Richmond, Va. It forever changed how I value coffee and the community within this craft. I started working with Bold Bean in 2015 and I’ve been at our San Marco cafe for the last two years. It is a second home to me, as it is to so many others. There is so much heart behind all that Bold Bean does and I’m touched to be a part of it. I couldn’t be more thrilled to run the San Marco shop and to help maintain such an inspiring space for our community to gather.  I love serving coffee to all the dreamers and doers of the 904 and I treasure how it connects us all.