Ethiopia - Worka Sakaro - Raised Bed Natural

Audio Pairing - Worka Sakaro

We taste: a dense chocolate fudge sweetness complemented by a delicate floral aroma and ripe fruit notes focused on fresh mixed berries.

Producer: Marta Alemu Kanke

Region: Worka Sakaro, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia

Elevation: 1,900 - 2,000 meters above sea level

Process: Raised Bed Natural 

Varietal: Indigenous heirloom varieties

Coffee Story*

The creation of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) in 2008 significantly limited full traceability back to specific farmers. In response, Royal established the Single Farmer Lots Program to separate single farmer lots from the larger cooperative blends sold through the ECX. The foundation for directly purchasing single farmer lots began in 2012. Yearly farm visits from Royal CEO Max Nicholas-Fulmer and regular communication with farmers through Haile Andualem, Royal’s representative on the ground in Ethiopia, has been an essential component for ensuring that farmers and washing stations are following strict farm management and post-harvest protocols. The results have been an ever-increasing number of 89+ lots with higher returns for the individual producers.  

Marta Alemu Kanke cultivated this single farmer lot on her 6-acre farm near the town of Worka Sakaro located in the heart of the coveted Gedeb growing region. Marta grew up helping her father cultivating coffee and only recently started her own farm. This is the first year, with the help of the single lot program, that she has been able to sell her coffee as a micro-lot. Coffee is Marta’s main source of income that she uses to support her family of 10.  

Ripe cherries for this natural processed coffee were carefully hand sorted and floated to remove less dense and damaged coffee beans. Next the cherries were dried on raised beds for 15 to 20 days and turned regularly to avoid over-fermentation and mold. Raised beds are carefully constructed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control, for optimal drying. Cherries were covered during the afternoons to prevent harsh drying in the intense sun. Once the cherries have dried to 11 percent moisture, they were transported to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to be milled and prepared for export. 

*written by Mayra Orellana-Powell - Royal Coffee

Brew Guide

Hario Switch Immersion Dripper

We've been loving the Switch for its ease of use and full-immersion brew capabilities. This recipe highlights the silky body and rich fruit notes of the Worka Sakaro.


Coffee: 20 grams

Grind size: 3 on the Fellow Ode (medium-fine)

Water: 300 grams at 200˚F

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:15

Brew Time: 2:45-3:00


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Add ground coffee

3.     Start timer and saturate grounds with 60g water.  Stir.

4.     Let bloom 40 seconds.

5.     Add the remaining 240g water slowly as to not break-up the bloom.

6. At 2:15, give the brew a clockwise stir and press the switch to release the brewing coffee.

7.  After all water draws down, remove the brewer from your carafe. Give the carafe a good swirl to mix the coffee. Serve and enjoy!

Brew Guide

Espresso - brewed on a Slayer Espresso

We love a good silky and fruity but clean and balanced natural process coffee on espresso. This recipe highlights the fudgy sweetness and turns the fruit notes into jammy, cooked fruit goodness.


Ratio 1:2

Coffee in: 18g coffee

Coffee out: 36g

Extraction time: 42 seconds

Espresso tips: if your extraction is too intense or sour, try pulling at a wider ratio (go with 38g out instead of 36). If the extraction is weak, bitter or ashy try pulling a tighter ratio (try 34g out instead of 36). Make small adjustments and find that sweet spot!