Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Kefyalew Obese - Natural Anaerobic

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We taste: notes of blueberry preserves, roasted pineapple, Hi-C and holy basil complemented by a creamy body and bubblegum finish.

Producer: Kefyalew Obese

Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Elevation: 1,945 meters above sea level

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Wolisho

Coffee Story*

This lot from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia is produced by Kefyalew Obese, a man who comes from at least four generations of coffee growers.

After inheriting the 6-hectare farm from his parents in 2008, Kefyalew began producing Wolisho, a varietal typically found in the Ethiopian highlands.

Co-operated with his child, Melesse, the Obeses are trained to pick cherries at optimal ripeness and are constantly experimenting with new processing methods and times.

Their proven technique has been trying small lots in many different stations, followed by replicating the best station’s process and continuing in this way until a satisfactory product has been achieved.

The Obeses processed this coffee using the Anaerobic Natural method. With this method, ripe cherries are harvested and then are fermented in an oxygen free environment. After this initial fermentation, the coffee is moved to raised drying beds to dry. The anaerobic fermentation process results in super fruited and wild flavor profile.

Brew Guide

Hario Switch Pour Over

This recipe also works with any standard pour over brewer. It results in a jammy and sweet brew.


Coffee: 20 grams

Grind size: 4 on the Fellow Ode (medium-fine)

Water: 300 grams at 195˚F

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:15

Brew Time: 2:30


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Place brewer on top of carafe, start timer and saturate grounds with 60g water.  Stir.

3.     Let bloom 30 seconds.

4.     Slowly add remaining 240g water. At 1:40, carefully stir the coffee and flip the switch for the draw down.

5. Total brew time should be around 2:30.

6. Swirl the carafe, serve and enjoy!

Brew Guide


This recipe results in a dense yet mellow cup with stewed fruit flavors.


Coffee: 15 grams

Grind size: 3 on the Fellow Ode (medium-fine)

Water: 180 grams at 200˚F

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:12

Brew Time: 1:30


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Invert AeroPress and add ground coffee.

3.     Start timer and saturate grounds with 45g water and swirl brewer fairly aggressively to ensure all grounds are saturated.

4.     Let bloom 30 seconds.

5.     After bloom, over the next 30 seconds add the remaining 134g water water unitl you reach 180 grams.  

6. After all water is poured (around 1 minute), give the brewer a little swirl, screw on filter cap and place brewer on to your carafe.

7. Slowly press plunger so that you have pressed all water through the coffee grounds at 1:30

8. Swirl your carafe, serve and enjoy!