What's in a box?

Take a journey with the QR codes and build your own handy brew ratio wheel.

Like anyone else we are fans of interesting design and nice packaging. We do, however, realize that the majority of packaging is useful for a short bit of time before being discarded and then sticking around on this marble we call home long after we and our kids, and our kids kids, and our kids kids kids, etc., etc. are gone.

So, with this in mind we wanted to create packaging that will not only look good and biodegrade but that will also be useful and not just have to go in the trash right after you are done enjoying the coffee.

How should I use this box?

On the box there is a series of QR codes that tell the story of the coffees from seed to cup. We have worked with our friends at Catalyst Trade and Fellow Products to put this information together. We hope that this info will give you a better understanding of the coffees and everything that went into making them taste the way they do.

After scanning all of the QR codes you can disassemble the box and turn it into a pretty nice looking and very functional coffee brew ratio wheel. We figure you could put this on the inside of the cabinet you store your coffee in and use it to quickly figure out brew ratios for different brew volumes without the need to pull out the calculator on your phone. Hopefully it'll be handy for you, will look good wherever you decide to put it and will be a fun little "arts and crafts" project for you.

Step 1

Unfold box and can through QR codes.

Code #1 got you here.

Code #2 gives all of the sourcing and origin info for the coffees

Code #3 gives all of the roasting info for the coffees

Code #4 give all of the tasting and brewing info for the coffees

Step 2

Disassemble box

Simply cut the box so the sections with the front, top back and bottom panels are separated from the flap panels.

Next, cut out the ratio wheel and set aside.

After that, cut out the "big water droplet" and the grey area in the "brew cone". These will be the windows that will show the brew ratios.

Once everything is cut out, align the wheel behind the front panel and use a thumb tack to hold the wheel in place. 

The finished brew-ratio wheel will look like the image to the left.