All Bold Bean Coffees are roasted on a Loring S35 Kestrel


Batch Size: 60 pounds

Roast Time: 10 minutes 29 seconds

Charge Temp: 440 degrees

First Crack: 398 degrees @ 9:07

End Temp: 412 degrees

Roast Phases: Drying 4:32, Maillard: 4:35, Development: 1:22

Agtron color: 99

We approached this coffee similarly to how we approach most of our Ethiopian naturals. We typically use a lower initial gas setting to get through drying than we do with washed coffees from the same region. We do this so we can go into the Maillard phase a bit more gently than with washed coffees.

A longer Maillard phase allows us to enhance the body and sweetness in the naturals. This sets us up for a shorter development phase which maintains all of the coffee's vibrancy and complexity.

The goal with all of our coffees is to create roast profiles that highlight origin character while enhancing each coffee's natural sweetness. By using this approach we can allow the coffees to shine for what truly makes them special without covering nuance up with the roast.


Batch Size: 60 pounds

Roast Time: 9 minutes 25 seconds

Charge Temp: 445 degrees

First Crack: 399 degrees @ 8:11

End Temp: 413 degrees

Roast Phases: Drying 4:23, Maillard: 3:48, Development: 1:14

Agtron color: 99

When compared to naturals, we use a more aggressive application of heat through the Maillard phase for washed Ethiopian coffees. Our goal with washed Ethiopians is to get them in and out of the roaster pretty quickly while still developing the coffee enough to ensure sweetness. This style of roast allows us to modulate the acidity just enough to make it pleasant while maintaining all of the coffee's vibrancy and nuance.

We accomplish this with a higher charge temperature, a shorter Maillard phases, a slightly longer development phase and, as with the naturals, a low end temperature.