Nicaragua - Buenos Aires - Natural Process

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We taste: notes of mixed berries and plum wine, vanilla taffy, dried apple and dates complemented by a creamy body

Producer: Buenos Aires Estate

Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Elevation: 1,200-1,500 meters above sea level

Process: Raised Bed Natural

Coffee Story*

Finca Buenos Aires Estates is a fairly large farm of about 215 hectares in the Jinotega growing region. On our visits to Buenos Aires mill we cup through small batches from the farm, and have been impressed with the clean sweetness of their cultivar-specific process batches.

It's really no surprise the they earn regular placement in the Cup of Excellence competitions. This is a small dry process, all Caturra cultivar lot separation.

These micro lots are given special attention. The cherry is floated to remove under and overripe cherries, then laid to dry on raised African beds. The beds are also under shade cover they call "tunél", to help protect it from the harsh afternoon sun.

The cherry is then hand picked over the time it takes to dry on the beds, generally around 20 to 25 days. The altitude across the farm ranges from about 1200 to 1500 meters above sea level.

*written by Coffee Shrub

Brew Guide

Hario V60 Dripper

This recipe highlights the creamy body and berry toned wineyness we're finding in this coffee


Coffee: 24.5 grams

Grind size: 3.5 on the Fellow Ode (medium-fine)

Water: 340 grams at 200˚F

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:13.87

Brew Time: 2:45


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Add ground coffee

3.     Start timer and saturate grounds with 75g water.

4.     Let bloom 45 seconds.

5.     Pour slowly in concentric circles so that you reach 300g by about 2:15.

6. Swirl brewer and allow water to draw down. All water should be drawn down by around 2:45.

7. After all water draws down, remove the brewer from your carafe. Add 40 grams fresh hot water to the coffee. Give the carafe a good swirl to mix the coffee. Serve and enjoy!

Brew Guide


This recipe amplifies the coffee's acidity, complexity and body. We're still finding the berries and wine complemented by a dense sweetness


Coffee: 20 grams

Grind size: 2 on the Fellow Ode (fine)

Water: 200 grams at 200˚F

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:10

Brew Time: 1:30


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Invert the Aeropress and add ground coffee.

3.     Start timer and saturate grounds with 60g water. Stir.

4.     Let bloom 30 seconds.

5.     Over the next 30 seconds, evenly add water until you reach 200 grams. Make sure to evenly and fully saturate all of the grounds. 

6. After all water is poured, stir and then screw on filter lid. 

7. Flip brewer onto top of cup or carafe and firmly press the plunger until you hear hissing. 

8. Remove brewer from carafe and add 20 grams fresh hot water. Swirl.

9. Pour and enjoy.