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Burundi Kibingo

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 Juicy, tropical acidity and caramel sweetness that pairs well with a silky mouthfeel and a smooth, yet lively finish. The Kibingo has elements that remind us of coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya - it somehow toes the line between fruity and delicate and intense and rich. We give it a hard 10 outta 10.

Technical Info

Region : Kayanza Province
Producer : Small-holder producers
Varietal : SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian 
Elevation : 1700-1900 masl
Process: Fully Washed

Producer Info

The following information is from our friends at Higa Coffee...

Kibingo washing station is located in Kayanza community in northern Burundi. The
station itself sits 1.893 meters above sea level. The altitude of the farms on the
neighboring hills that supply the washing station varies from 1,700 to 1,900 meters
above sea level.
Kibingo serves 3,515 registered coffee growers who are spread over 18 hills in the
area. This station is equipped with 10 fermentation tanks, 2 soaking tanks and a
drying field with 165 drying tables and 4 pre-drying tables. Kibingo can process
750,000 kg of cherry per day.
The washing station participates in a number of farmer outreach and support
projects including a livestock rearing project and a range of Farmer Hub projects
centered on strengthening cooperatives and improving yields.

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