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PRESALE : Colombia Gesha 3-pack

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Three producers, two regions, one famed varietal.

Julio Calderon Gesha - we taste tropical and fresh notes of passionfruit and lemongrass complemented by an elegant plumeria aroma and subtle notes of melon, basil, grapefruit and lime zest 

Julian Calderon Gesha - we taste vanilla yogurt and lemon cream pie complemented by clean and sweet notes of candied lemon, jasmine hard candy and lychee.  A thick, milkshake-y creaminess rounds out the cup

El Encanto Gesha - we taste a juicy and bright acidity like tamarind soda and lime leaf complemented by a honeysuckle aroma and watermelon subtleties    

Gesha, renowned for its floral and exotic aromas, is the most celebrated, sought after and expensive (in 2022 a Panamanian gesha sold for an astounding $7,000/lb!) heirloom coffee varietal.

Originating from Ethiopia, where it was discovered in the 1930s, Gesha arrived in Costa Rica in the 50s and slowly spread throughout the Americas.  In the early 2000s its prominence grew quickly when in 2005 when the Peterson family of Boquete, Panama, entered it into the "Best of Panama" competition and auction. Their coffee received exceptionally high marks and broke the then-record for green coffee auction prices, selling for over $20/pound.

Here we offer three Colombian Geshas, each distinct but with unmistakable Gesha character.

Two come from a father and son, Julian & Julio Calderon, close to the town of Palestina in Colombia's Huila region. Famed for its nutrient-rich soil, unique micro-climate, and many small-scale specialty growers, Palestina's coffees are some of Colombia's finest and the Calderons are standing out thanks to their skills in producing and processing some of the areas very best coffees.

The third is from Daisy & Freddy Acevedo at Finca El Encanto near Filandia, Quindío.  

Daisy comes from a coffee producing family in the neighboring department of Risaralda but it was only recently that the Acevedo's got into coffee. Before purchasing their farm they were working, Daisy as a biologist and Freddy as an engineer, and living in Panama. They saw in Panama that, if done right, coffee farming could be a fulfilling and profitable business. So, they returned to Colombia and bought the farm. 

 El Encanto sits at 1800m above sea level, boarding a natural preserve in a verdant valley.  On the farm, the Acevedo’s are focusing on the production of heirloom coffee varietals and highlighting varietal characteristics and terroir through careful processing with their on-site wet-mill and drying greenhouses.   

 Daisy’s background as a biologist drives her focus on ensuring coffee is part of a sustainable eco-system on the farm and Freddy was able to apply his engineering background to the design of the home, the on-site wet-mill and the yet to be finished (as of our visit with them earlier this year), cupping lab and offices. 

 If you’re a fan of exotic coffees you don’t want to miss this opportunity to explore these three amazing coffees.  

The three pack comes with one bag of each coffee in the size selected.