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Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Kenya Gakuyu AA

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Technical Info

Region : Central Kenya 
Producer : Small-holder producers, members of the Ndimaini Factory
Varietal : SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian 
Elevation : 1800 masl
Process: Fully Washed
Soil Type: well drained Red Volcanic soils

Producer Info

The following information is from our friends at Catalyst Trade...

We come to Ndimaini factory in Nyeri county in a drizzle that softens trees and structures behind a veil of mist, and as we stand under the tin roof of the sorting shed, the rain keeps up a constant patter. Farmers are still out picking, as they do rain or shine, because coffee doesn’t wait. This early in the morning, the nearly 4-foot square digital scale sits idle and all the parchment on the drying tables is tucked away under yellow tarp-blankets, waiting for the return of the warm Kenyan sun.

Moving from sorting shed to collection tanks, empty and waiting for the day’s harvest, to the stalwart disk pulper in signature beat-up red, we find John Irungu Gikonyo, assistant machine operator, washing out the last of yesterday’s cherry skins and leaving the washing channels clean and empty, ready to carry the next lot of pulped coffee into elegant black fermentation tanks.

In this snapshot moment (late July) the early harvest (fly crop) is petering out, but come late August, the main crop will start rolling in. It will max out in October/November before winding down toward the end of January. During peak season, when all 1250 cooperative members are picking their coffee, the coffee factory may receive up to 300,000 kg of ripe cherry in a 4-day period, enough to fill all their drying tables. 

 We roast and ship Monday - Thursday.
Orders received before 10am typically ship same day.