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our mission

To source, roast and serve remarkable coffees, learn continuously and foster community, to be good people and have fun.

about us

Founded in 2007 in Jacksonville, Florida, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters was started on the idea coffee can and should be inspirational.  We believe that when done right, coffee should increase the quality of life for those consuming it and be sustainable for all of those in the production chain.  We were first drawn to coffee by the idea of continuous learning and the never-ending quest for perfection and were further drawn to it when we realized its potential for making people happy. 

Since the beginning, we have been focused on providing differentiated, specialty coffees and intentional service to Jacksonville and beyond.  We focus on building relationships, throughout our supply chain which are highlighted by mutual respect and understanding as well as economic and environmental sustainability.  This model of doing business allows us to source the best coffees available, roast them precisely and deliver them to our customers at the peak of freshness.  We believe that great coffee can be experiential and, if approached properly, that it can be the catalyst for positive, local and cross-national change. 

Now, more than ever, we are excited to be creating beautiful coffees for the bold hearted.