Burundi Kibingo

Producer: 3,515 small-holder farmers situated around the Kibingo washing station

Region: Kayanza, Burundi

Elevation: 1,700-1,900 meters above sea level

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

Coffee Story

Kibingo washing station is located in Kayanza community in northern Burundi. This station itself sits 1,893 meters above sea level. The altitude of the farms on the neighboring hills that supply the washing station varies from 1,700-1,900 meters above sea level.

Kibingo serves 3,515 registered coffee growers who are spread over 18 hills in the area. This station is equipped with 10 fermentation tanks, 2 soaking tanks and a drying field with 165 raised drying beds and 4 pre-drying tables. Kibingo can process 750,000 kgs of cherry per day.

The washing station participates in a number of farmer outreach and support projects including a livestock rearing project and a range of Farmer Hub projects centered on strengthening cooperatives and improving yields.

What we taste

In the un-barreled expression of this coffee we taste strong citrus oil and black tea notes complemented by a fruit-cake like spice character and a brown-sugar sweetness.

With this coffee, the barrel seems to have softened up the acidity and turned the crisp citrus note into more of a jammy fruitiness. The sweetness deepened a bit and took on tones of raw honey and vanilla.

Brew Guide

Iced Hario Switch Pour Over

This recipe results in a refreshing and sweet, citrus-toned coffee.


Coffee: 25 grams

Grind size: 4 on the Fellow Ode (medium-fine)

Ice: 150 grams

Water: 200 grams at 195˚F

Coffee to Water/Ice Ratio: 1:14

Brew Time: 2:00


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Fill brew carafe with 150g of ice

3.     Place brewer on top of carafe, start timer and saturate grounds with 50g water.  Stir.

4.     Let bloom 30 seconds.

5.     Slowly add remaining 200g water. At 2:00, swirl brewer and let water draw down.

6. Total brew time should be around 2:20. Swirl the carafe to melt any remaining ice.

7. Pour over a fresh glass of ice and enjoy! 

Brew Guide

Hario V60 - Pour Over

This pour over recipe results in an elegant cup focused on the sugary and spicy notes found in both the barreled and non-barreled versions of this coffee.


Coffee: 25 grams

Grind size: 4 on the Fellow Ode (medium-fine)

Water: 360 grams at 200˚F

Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:14.4

Brew Time: 2:30


1.     Rinse filter

2.     Add ground coffee

3.     Start timer and saturate grounds with 75g water.

4.     Let bloom 30 seconds.

5.     Over the next 1 minute and 30 seconds, slowly but constantly add water unitl you reach 360 grams. Pour in concentric circles from the middle of the brew bed to the edges making sure to evenly and fully saturate all of the grounds. 

6. After all water is poured, give the brewer a little swirl. All water should draw down by around 2:30.

Serve and enjoy!