Our Process

We partner with like-minded coffee producers, processors, agricultural specialists and intermediaries to form strong business relationships as we work toward the common vision of a sustainable specialty coffee industry focused on quality, transparency and profitability for all necessary members of the coffee trade.

Whether we find ourselves in the crowded streets of Addis Ababa, the underground fermentation cellar on a friend’s farm in the Coffee Axis of Colombia, or sharing a meal with the Mam in very rural Guatemala, we’re typically hard at work, learning everything we can, sourcing coffee in order to work toward a more sustainable and honest industry. No matter where we travel, we strive to bring specialty coffees out of the niche and into our customers’ cups. 

When roasting, we set out to demonstrate each coffee’s origin characteristics, applying just the right amount of heat and air to bring the beans closer to that clarity of flavor we first tasted at origin.

Throughout the working week at our roastery in Jacksonville, we return to the cupping table to identify subtle ways to make each of our coffees progressively better. We apply minor changes to each roast with regularity in order to develop our flavor profiles while maintaining consistency. We’re always seeking improvement in order to make our coffee more balanced and pleasurable in the cup.

With the vast majority of our coffees we choose a light to medium roast profile that highlights each coffee’s unique origin character while allowing for enough development to enhance its natural sweetness. It’s a delicate approach and one that constantly keeps us on our toes but it allows us to display the beauty that is in each carefully sourced bean.

We nurture long-term partnerships that allow us to source distinct, high-quality coffees that appeal to a broad spectrum of coffee customers. These relationships allow us to serve the best coffees in the world—coffees exclusive to Bold Bean.

Baristas have the power to positively affect a large number of people on any given day. We believe this chain reaction can be the catalyst for positive local and cross-national change. We want our customers, wholesale partners and communities to feel embraced through authentic customer service and top-notch coffee.