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Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Rare Coffee Club - Seasonal Subscription - Spring/Summer 2023

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Subscribe to a very limited, seasonally-curated offering of some of the most distinctive, sought-after and rare coffees in the world.

All of these rare coffees have super limited availability and many are the result of atypical processing methods, exotic varietals or boutique, nano-lot selections.

Subscriptions will ship the second Tuesday of each month.

Any items ordered with the Rare Coffee Club Subscription will ship along with the first shipment.

Spring/Summer 2023 coffees in order of release are:

Peru - Willy Torres - Washed Nanolot (May 9th ship date)

A juicy brightness similar to pomegranate and orange oil is complemented by a floral, cherry blossom aroma and deep, rich sweetness similar to butterscotch and toffee.  A truly comforting and elegant coffee.

Coffee info from our sourcing partners Catalyst Trade:

Willy grows both coffee and cacao on his farm, which currently has .75 hectares producing coffee and .25 hectares planted with new coffee trees that should begin to produce in the next few years. His plots are situated within an agroforestry system where native trees such as banana and pacae (guava) create a shade canopy for the coffee plants. Pest control consists of regular, timely weeding and pruning, and Willy normally fertilizes twice a year. However, in 2022 he was only able to afford one round of organic fertilizer.

At his own onsite micro-mill, Willy’s manual pulper is mounted on one end of a cement fermentation and washing tank. After running ripe coffee cherries through the pulper, he ferments them for 17-24 hours, depending on the weather (the warmer the weather, the faster the fermentation process removes any pulp (mucilage) left on the beans. Next, he washes the coffee three different times with clean water, then spreads it evenly out to dry under tents to ward off the frequent rains.

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Dumerso - Black Honey Process (June 13th ship date)

Tropical and overwhelmingly fruity.  A sweetness like watermelon and tropical fruit juice is complemented by a fragrant floral aroma, stone fruit notes and an orange candy finish. 

Coffee info from our sourcing partners Catalyst Trade:

Led by the dynamic sister team of CEO Hirut (Beti) Birhanu and Manager Mahder Birhanu, Dumerso is a family endeavor anchored in Yirgacheffe and extending its reach to several other areas of Ethiopia.

The flagship washing station is Dumerso, acquired by Beti around 2010 and named for the village where it is located in the Yirgacheffe District. The family has lovingly worked in coffee since the turn of the millennium, and through enormous challenges has stayed smart and consistent year after year.

Colombia -Marisela Sánchez - Mixed-process Gesha (July 11th ship date)

A layered and well-structured flavor profile with a lime leaf florality and cherry juice brightness complemented by airy, fruit notes of passionfruit and juicy, ripe melon.  A decadent fudge-like sweetness rounds out the cup.

Grown in the famed coffee region of Palestina, Huila in southern Colombia, this Gesha from Marisela Sánchez is a blend of washed and naturally processed coffees.  The blend of processing methods in one lot results in its supremely layered flavor profile.  

This coffee is sourced by our friends and partners, La Real Expedición Botánica (LaREB). LaREB is an independent collective of coffee producers in Colombia who have formed a platform to improve and facilitate the access of producers to discriminating markets.

The work of the collective is centered in interdisciplinary coffee studies, investigation, teamwork and above all - maintaining a strong presence in Colombia. LaREB looks to restore and reproduce the traditional varieties of coffee and the agroforestry models that resisted the homogeny of the Green Revolution.

The goal is to redesign coffee production in the collective’s regional projects with a focus on quality through specialized farms, which serve as experimental centers of learning and dissemination of post-harvest practices and processes, the collective seeks to expand the boundaries of what specialty coffee can be.

As the exclusive North American importing and sales partner of LaREB, Bold Bean has access to a ton of very special Colombian coffees.  We are excited to be sharing one of the very best with you as a part of our Rare Coffee Club.