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Colombia Rigoberto Sanchez

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An almost decadent dulce de leche sweetness and thick body is complemented nicely by the snappy brightness of ripe red apple.  Delicate floral aromas add elegance to the cup.  Super delightful!

Region : Southern Huila
Municipality : Palestina
Caficultor : Rigoberto Sánchez
Varietal : Caturra, Colombia
Elevation : 1650 m

Like many of our favorite Colombian coffee producers, Rigoberto is producing coffee near the town of Palestina in southern Huila.  This specific lot is a blend of Caturra and Colombia varietals.  Rigoberto harvests the coffee when it is overripe.  This ensures the sugars are highly concentrated in the cherries and greatly benefits hybridized varietals such as variedad Colombia.  After harvesting, the coffee is rested in-husk for about 12 hours.  After the in-husk resting the coffee is depulped and then allowed to ferment for 48 hours of dry-mass open fermentation.  Once all of the mucilage is broken down and the fermentation is complete the coffee is dried in a greenhouse for 15 days.  

There are a number of styles of fermentation that a producer can use when processing coffee.  Dry mass fermentation refers to the process of depulping the coffee into a fermentation tank and allowing it to ferment in a pile in an open air environment.  Producers can also do a wet fermentation where the fermentation tank is filled with water and the coffee ferments under the water.  There is also anaerobic fermentation where the coffee ferments in a sealed container without exposure to oxygen.  In addition to these styles there are countless experimental and constantly evolving fermentation styles used in coffee production.  The style and length of fermentation greatly impacts the flavor of coffee.  Longer fermentations tend to increase complexity and acidity while shorter fermentations result in more traditional and simple flavors in the cup.

No matter the style of fermentation, the coffee has to be closely monitored during this stage to ensure the yeast is not too active in consuming the sugars.  Shortly after all of the sugars are consumed the yeast will die.  If the coffee is left in contact with spent sugars and dead yeasts for too long, the fermenting mass will start to rot and the coffee will take on off-flavors.

Despite the long fermentation times on this lot of Rigoberto's, the coffee is very clean, delicate and nuanced.  We are finding a lively acidity and full body with notes of crisp, red apple, dulce de leche and a floral, honey aroma.  


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